About Susan McCauley

Susan of Susan McCauley Jewelry in New York is attracted to Beauty in all its forms.   She is inspired by her deep appreciation for the natural world and the energies that shape our planet including the powerful movements deep in the earth which result in the formation of amazing crystals and aggregate minerals that are harvested by miners and shaped by lapidaries for inclusion in the jewelry we adorn ourselves with.

Her initial foray into the wonderful world of gems and jewelry began when she met Dr. Chandrasekhar Thakkur (of Mumbai) who suggested which gems she should wear and how they should be set according to the placement of the planets at her birth in the Hindu System of Astrology.  Susan designed a ring following Dr. Thakkur's recommendation and, from that time on, set out learn all that she could about the making of jewelry and the gem trade.

She studied Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA,) learned the Lapidary Arts of cabbing and faceting, read every tool catalogue available and set up a home studio to practice her skills in soldering and forming.  Then, she learned the ancient techniques of alloying 22K Gold and using Granulation to form intricate patterns on gold.

Current works are fashioned in Gold, Palladium, Platinum and Silver recycled metals while gemstones are sourced from vintage inventory or trusted sources in alignment with the principles of sustainability, fair trade ethics and respect for miners and human rights.  Working closely with master bench jewelers to the trade, Susan produces both One of A Kind and Editions.  She is deeply invested in the belief that we must give support to charitable organizations that do good works.

In that regard, Susan McCauley Jewelry supports a non-profit organization which educates, informs and promotes states' and countries' events related to animal welfare and also a non-profit organization which gives grants every month to selected animal rescues and sanctuaries.  Animals are, thereby, provided safe and loving care by gainfully employed human caretakers who are rooted in the community.  The communities benefit from these examples of altruism furthered by children's programs and adult volunteer programs.

Clients who purchase and wear Susan McCauley Jewelry are an important part of the Hero and Heroine aspect of this collective vision.  We are grateful to one and all!

Ms. McCauley is an active member of the Manhattan Alumni Chapter of GIA in support of the importance of ongoing gemological studies and research, SNAG Society of North American Goldsmiths, Ethical Metalsmiths, Women’s Jewelry Association MJSA and several other organizations which promote education in the field.

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